Got questions?

Why am I here?
Where am I heading?
Is there more to life than this?

If we live to 70 years of age, we will spend approximately:

  • 20 years 3 months asleep

  • 10 years 5 months watching TV

  • 5 years 9 months travelling

  • 7 years 6 months eating and drinking

Yet, there's rarely enough time to think through life's big questions properly! At Alleyne Road Christian Centre, we believe it's important to make time to think about these things - that's why we offer the popular Alpha Course.

Whether you have questions about life, are investigating whether God exists, or what to know more about what Christians believe, Alpha is an opportunity to ask questions, to explore your own beliefs and discover the basics of the Christian faith.

What to expect at Alpha

The Alpha Course typically runs one evening per week over 12 weeks. Each session lasts about 90 minutes and has 3 parts:

  • EAT - a meal together

  • WATCH - a video from the Alpha film series (see taster below)

  • DISCUSS - chat about what we've watched

The sessions are completely free of charge (including the meal). Nobody is expected to say anything unless they wish to. And there is no obligation to attend every session.

Interested in joining us at Alpha?

For more information or to join an existing or future Alpha course at Alleyne Road Christian Centre, please get in touch.